Tel: 740-695-4397

BCPA Staff

Belmont County Port Authority Board

Martin Gould, Chairman
William Knox, Vice Chairman
Lisa Armann-Blue, Secretary
Mark Esposito
Rick Frio
David Jones
Scott Mazzulli
Timothy Merryman
Annmarie O’Grady

Belmont County Commissioners

J. P. Dutton
Josh Meyer
Jerry Echemann


Larry Merry
Belmont County Port Authority Executive Director

Larry Merry has been Belmont County’s Port Authority Executive Director since August 2006.  He previously served as Port Authority Director, a county commissioner, and a township trustee in a neighboring county. He is a life-long operator of an 800-acre dairy farm.

Sherri Butler
Assistant Executive Director

Sherri Butler has been with the Port Authority since March 2016.   In June 2019, she became the first employee of the county to obtain a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) drone pilot’s license.