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Other Assistance

Ohio Manufacturing Connect
Ohio Manufacturing Connect’s purpose is to help Ohio Manufacturers become stronger and more successful. The goals are both job retention and growth and to connect Ohio’s Manufacturers with potential customers.

Appalachian Regional Entrepreneurship Initiative (AREG)
The Appalachian Regional Entrepreneurship Group (AREG) supports economic growth in the 29-county Appalachian Ohio region by providing consulting services for businesses and entrepreneurs. AREG works closely with local, state, federal and private partners to provide a wide range of consulting services to help start and grow businesses in the region. AREG and its partners work with start-up, early-stage and established small- and medium-sized businesses, providing customized, confidential services. Through a combination of direct assistance, events, on-line services and other programs, AREG offers guidance in sales and marketing, financing and accounting, information technology, business development and strategic planning.

Ohio Office of Strategic Research
The Office of Strategic Research provides data and analysis on the Economic, Industrial, Demographic, and Program trends of the State of Ohio, its businesses and its people. The Office acts as the state government liaison to the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Office gathers and disseminates, through reports, maps, and databases, descriptive data on the economic activity and population trends of Ohio’s cities, villages, townships, and counties. As a research organization of secondary data, the Office does not compile or distribute mailing lists. Such requests are referred to private companies that can be identified through the yellow pages category of “Mailing Lists.”

Business Development Account (412)
The Business Development Account (412) is a grant program to assist companies and communities that are creating or retaining jobs in Ohio. Business Development 412 funds are for on-or-off site infrastructure improvements, including water, sewer, road and rail work improvements. This fund is for companies primarily engaged in manufacturing, R&D, high technology, corporate headquarters, and distribution. Each project must create or retain full-time, permanent jobs. Before the use of 412 funding is considered, all other public and private sources of funding must be considered.

Edison Program (R&D)
A network of non-profit organizations around the State are funded to provide services to new and existing businesses that will result in an increased percentage of product-based high technology businesses in the state, new and improved products brought to market by Ohio businesses, and improved and more efficient processes in existing Ohio businesses. The overall objective of the Program is in the retention and expansion of high-wage jobs and high-growth companies, and the creation and growth of early-stage technology companies. In addition, the Program encourages regional and statewide collaborations with other economic development entities within and outside the network.

Edison Program Services are focused in the following four areas:

a. Product Innovation and Commercialization – the development and application of technology to create or improve something to be sold.
b. Process Innovation – the identification, development, and implementation of methods that maximize efficiency.
c. Business Assistance – assessing customers’ needs and linking customers with professional resources for business development. (The applicant can be one of the resources.)
d. Linking Ohio research to in-state applied innovation – fulfilling the technology needs of business by exploiting the products of research laboratories.

The services are delivered primarily by entities known as Edison Technology Incubators, Edison Technology Centers, and Edison Affiliates.

Roadwork Development Account (629)
The Roadwork Development Account (629) provides grant assistance to communities for highway and road projects related to job creation and retention. The 629 Program is funded with gas tax dollars and is restricted to public road projects only. 629 funds are available for public roadway improvements, including engineering work. The fund is for companies primarily engaged in manufacturing, R&D, high technology, corporate headquarters, and distribution. Each project must create or retain full-time permanent jobs. Before the use of 629 funding is considered, all other public and private sources of funding must be considered.

1st Stop Business Connection
The 1st Stop Business Connection (formerly the One-Stop Business Permit Center) provides free, comprehensive business information kits about state-level business regulations as well as licensing and permit requirements. 1st Stop also distributes many of the state’s business forms such as Articles of Incorporation and Business Name Registration. Each kit is tailored to the specific type of business (retail, business service, manufacturing, etc.). The 1st Stop Business Connection is a service of the Ohio Department of Development’s Small Business Development Centers of Ohio program and the U.S. Small Business Administration. Contact: 1st Stop Business Connection at (614) 466-4232 or (800) 248-4040.

International Trade Assistance Center (ITAC)
Located in six Small Business Development Centers throughout the state, the International Trade Assistance Center program (ITAC) offers the following services to Ohio’s new-to-export small businesses: ITAC programs provide export-counseling assistance to Appalachian Ohio businesses. The organization serves as the first point of contact for information, resources, and referrals and counseling for the new-to-export and expanding business. ITAC represents a working partnership between the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Service Department and the Ohio Department of Development.