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Workforce Incentives

Ohio Investment Training Program:

The Ohio Investment Training Program (OITP) provides financial assistance and technical resources for customized training involving employees of new and expanding Ohio businesses.

OITP provides up to 50 percent reimbursement to fund instructional costs, materials and training-related activities. There is an emphasis on manufacturing and selected employment sectors that have significant training and capital investment related to creating and retaining jobs.

OITP also supports community economic development efforts through job creation and retention. The result is increased employee productivity, improved labor/management relations and a highly skilled labor pool.
The regional OITP Coordinators walk companies through all phases of the application and approval process, at no cost to the business.

Workforce Recruitment:

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services can provide, at no cost to businesses, data such as labor market data, workforce recruitment, and screening of new workers.